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Culture, History & Gastronomic Tour

Culture, History & Gastronomic TourOne Day Fully Guided Excursion

Every Wednesday & Sunday

DEP MLA 06:30

DEP POZ 21:30

ARR POZ 08:15

ARR MLA 23:15


Family plan
2 children pay €71.00 each with every 2 adults*

Summer Excursion

May – September 
This excursion is only held with a minimum of 15 passengers



Marzamemi is the quaintest fishing village you can come across. The rows of colourful one-story fishermen’s houses are interrupted by the Tonnara, the disused X Century Arab tuna processing plant, Palazzo Villadorata and the Chiesa di San Francesco di Paola. The village, with  Piazza Regina Margherita as everyone’s meeting place, is a sea of colour, the bright blue doors and windows, the potted red geraniums, the multicoulored wooden fishing boats, all against a background of the blue Mediterranean Sea.

At Campisi you will find an array of Sicilian delicacies – sun dried tomatoes, pate di Olive Neri and of course the traditional bottarga (dried tuna roe).


Noto is an architectural gem, Sicily’s Capitale dell Barocco.

Devastated by the disastrous earthquake of 1693, it was rebuilt in splendid Sicilian Baroque style and according to an innovative plan which divided it into two distinct districts, one for civil and church dignitaries, the other for ‘the people’.

From Porta Reale, the main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele runs the full length of the patrician quarter opening up onto three piazzas. The church of San Francesco and the Santissimo Salvatore convent lead onto the first square, with the recently restored Duomo opposite the elegant Palazzo Ducezio, today the City Hall. A must is Palazzo Villadorata, with its unique, grand balconies and in the people’s quarter Rosario Gagliardi’s Santissimo Crocifisso.


Syracuse is home to an Archaeological Zone housing a world renowned Teatro Greco, still in use to this very day.

The island of Ortygia is the centre of ancient Syracuse. Within a few minutes walking distance through the pedestrian zone are the magnificent Duomo, a converted V Century BC Greek Temple, dedicated to Athena. The interior is largely Norman while the façade is a splendid early 18th Century Sicilian baroque creation.  The Fonte Aretusa, a fresh water spring that attracted the original Greek settlers, overlooks the bay of Syracuse. Caravaggio’s Burial of Santa Lucia is in a small church about half way along from the Duomo.

In the opposite direction, through the quaint narrow medieval street is the Piazza Archimede with its central early 20th century art nouveau Fontana di Artemide.

Culture, History & Gastronomic Tour

Highlights and Inclusions

    • Arrival at POZZALLO - a typical Sicilian village. Met by fully air-conditioned coaches, accompanied by guides.
    • Departure to MARZAMEMI. We visit the multi coloured fisherman’s village and the Campisi establishment, famous for its’ Sicilian delicacies. Campisi is a leading manufacturer of fish products: fish eggs, raw tuna (bottarga), red tuna, traditional Sicilian sauces, the popular Pachino tomatoes home grown in this area of Sicily.
    • Transfer to a wine cellar which produces wines from local grapes, particularly the Nero D’ Avola and the famous dessert wine Moscato di Noto. Entrance fee and tour within the estate included in the price.
    • Departure for NOTO - A walk along the main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, from the Porta Reale to Teatro Communale takes you to most of the city’s prime sites, notably: Palazzo Ducezio (The Municipale), The Duomo, recently rebuilt after it collapsed in 1996 resulting in a national and international outcry, the church of San Carlo and up Via Nicolaci, Palazzo Villadurata with its extravagant balconies.
  • Departure for a typical Sicilian lunch (set menu), included in the price (20 types of antipasto, pasta with sauce, local meat, fruit, water, wine, coffee or liquor). Children’s menu consists of pasta, cutlet and fries, fruit & water.
  • Departure for SYRACUSE. Syracuse has come to epitomize Greek culture in Sicily, Magna Grecia. The Duomo, in the old city Ortigia, is a converted Greek temple, one of the oldest places of worship worldwide and equally as unique.
  • Departure for Pozzallo with a running commentary by the guide.
  • Departure by High Speed Catamaran.
  • Adults €173.00
  • Children 4 years till under 14 years €139.00
  • *Family Plan: When two adults are travelling together, the first two children (4 years till under 14 years) pay €71.00 per child , fuel surcharge (when applicable) and local transport (if required).
  • Local transport in Malta (Hotel/Harbour/ Hotel) only €12.00 extra. (VAT included).
  • The company reserves the right to introduce a fuel surcharge from time to time without prior notice.
  • The itinerary of this excursion may be altered subject to weather conditions.
  • Virtu Ferries Conditions of Carriage apply.