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Ragusa Ibla, Modica & Scicli excursion

Ragusa Ibla, Modica & Scicli excursionOne day fully guided excursion

Sunday (01 Oct - 08 Jan)

DEP MLA 06:30

DEP POZ 18:00

ARR POZ 08:15

ARR MLA 19:45

Sunday (09 Jan - 31 Mar)

DEP MLA 06:30

DEP POZ 19:30

ARR POZ 08:15

ARR MLA 21:15

Friday (01 Oct - 08 Jan + April)

DEP MLA 07:30

DEP POZ 19:00

ARR POZ 09:15

ARR MLA 20:45

Sunday (April)

DEP MLA 06:30

DEP POZ 18:00

ARR POZ 08:15

ARR MLA 19:45


Family plan
1 child goes FREE with every 1 adult

Winter Excursion

October – April
This excursion is only held with a minimum of 15 passengers



Modica Bassa is the historic city centre, with the main street Corso Umberto I, lined with baroque churches and monasteries. Little wonder the city is referred to as La Citta’ delle Cento Chiese. Expensive brand shops and fine cafès intermingle with the churches to give an affluent air to the city centre. Modica is now best known for the Cioccolato di Modica or Cioccolata Modicana. The Spanish introduced the recipe which they got from the ancient Aztecs of Mexico. Chocolate shops welcome visitors; the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is one well known chocolate factory shop.

Ragusa Ibla

Ibla is a quaint leisurely place, a coffee or a Campari at the Cafe at the foot of the Duomo, one of the finest building in Sicily the work of Rosario Gagliardi, is a nice way to start. A walk down the slightly slopping Piazza and onto the main winding street takes you to the Giardino Ibleo. On the way a short stop to admire yet another of Gagliardi’s work, the small but elegant church of San Giuseppe. The Giardino Ibleo is a haven of peace and quite with an exquisite view of the valley below and beyond. Just outside the entrance to the garden is the gothic Portale San Giorgio, it is all that remains of the original church of San Giorgio, early XIII century, which was demolished in the 1693 earthquake


It is well worth wandering around this quite little town, overlooked by a massive rock on which sits the unfinished church of San Matteo. Of the many palaces built by aristocratic families the one that stands out most is the Palazzo Benventano, just off the main Piazza, with its façade decorated with Saracen gargoyles. The church of Santa Maria la Nova, one of the many baroque churches in the town centre, houses Scicli’s best known icon, the Byzantine wooden statue of the Virgin Mary wielding a sword and ridding a white stallion. The Chiarafura Caves Dwellings, dug out in the cliff in prehistory, saw the last residents leave as late as 1958.

Ragusa Ibla, Modica & Scicli excursion

Highlights and Inclusions

    • Arrival at POZZALLO - a typical Sicilian fishing village, gradually turning into a tourist seaside resort.
    • Departure for RAGUSA IBLA with running English commentary by the guide. 
    • Ragusa Ibla, is a quaint leisurely place, a coffee or a Campari at the Cafe at the foot of the Duomo, one of the finest buildings in Sicily, another Gagliardi masterpiece, is a nice way to start.
    • Departure for the lovely town of MODICA.
    • Modica, in medieval times an all-important city, in fact a state within a state. Modica, like Ragusa, is built on two levels, with quaint houses perched on the hillside in between. The upper Modica Alta is the modern commercial centre while Modica Bassa, the old city centre, with Rosario Gagliardi’s Duomo (Cathedral) di San Giorgio towering above it. Gagliardi is recognised as the foremost architect of Sicilian Baroque.
    • Departure for SCICLI with running English commentary by the guide
  • Departure by High-Speed Catamaran for Malta.
  • Adults €124.00.
  • FAMILY PLAN: 1 child (4 years till under 14 years) goes FREE with every paying adult, t pay charges, fuel surcharge (when applicable) and local transport (if required).
  • Children 4 years till under 14 years €93.00.
  • The company reserves the right to introduce a fuel surcharge from time to time without prior notice.
  • The itinerary of this excursion may be altered subject to weather conditions.
  • Virtu Ferries Conditions of Carriage apply.