A sea journey is part of the holiday. At Virtu Ferries we do our best to start you off on the right footing

Arriving on board

You are just through check-in on your way to board, one last identity check and off we go. Deposit your luggage on the luggage trolley, only hand luggage is allowed in the passenger areas.

The entrance to the vessel is on the Main Deck (the garage deck). Take the accommodation gangway stairs to the Main Deck. If you have a mobility problem or a pushchair inform a member of staff and you will be directed to the Main Deck via the ship’s garage ramp. A set of stairs and a lift take you to the Upper Deck. If you wish to use the lift, ask a member of Cabin Crew. We ask you please not to use the lift unnecessarily; remember that senior citizens, passengers with mobility problems and those travelling with children have priority for use of the lift.

The Upper Deck

There are 5 lounges on the Upper Deck: The Fore Lounge at the front of the vessel, The Aft Lounge, at the back, The Starboard Lounge to the right, The Port Lounge on the left and finally the St. Elmo Lounge amidships, in the middle of the deck, this is reserved for use by commercial vehicle drivers.

The rear of the Upper Deck opens onto the Outside Seating Area

The Bridge Deck

The exclusive Club Lounge is on the Bridge Deck, it too opens onto an Outside Seating Area. Enjoy a complementary orange juice and a newspaper and literally put your feet up, on the reclining chair’s footrest of course, and enjoy a panoramic view of the sea.

There is a designated check-in desk for Club as well as priority disembarkation. If you are travelling by car you will be directed to a priority embarkation lane. In case of commercial vehicles booking in Club Class, the commercial vehicles will not be assigned a place in the Club Vehicle lane.


There is free seating on board in all lounges. Just take your pick. The vessel has seating capacity for 800, it can actually take 1000. Seating has been scaled down for your comfort, outside seating is over and above, again for your comfort. The majority of seats are reclining seats, there are also a small number of armchairs and sofas.

Things to keep in mind when choosing your seat:

  • The Fore Lounge has the best sea views
  • The most stable area in adverse sea conditions is to be found in the Starboard and Port Lounges, the seats on the far side of the windows.

Relax on Board

Grand Harbour Valletta is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. You can enjoy a magnificent view of the fortifications and church domes and steeples of Valletta and the Three Cities from the Outside Seating Area. A real must.

When leaving the Port of Pozzallo, you can get a parting view of the Sicilian coast as far as the eye can see.

You can use the Outside Seating Areas throughout the voyage.

Hybleum, the on board shop, has earned itself a reputation for the extensive range of fragrances, female and male, at very competitive prices. Souvenirs, toys, wines and spirits, costume jewellery and whatever, a super way to while away some time.

Perfume prices on board are 20% less than in shops and we also offer packages that can only be found in the restricted areas for travel.

Click here to view our selection of fragrances.

Slot machines, for those that way inclined. These are strictly regulated to conform to local and international norms.

Coach tickets to a number of towns and cities can be purchased from Hybleum. If you wish to book a taxi, to absolutely anywhere, you can do so at the shop.

You could, of course, do none of this and just sit back and enjoy a harmless but entertaining movie, reserve your energy for the travels to come.


There are 3 Cafeterias/Bars on board, one each in the Fore Lounge, the Aft Lounge and in Club. Hot and cold snacks and all sorts of soft drinks and a range of wines and spirits are served.

All the bars offer a selection of sweet and savoury gluten free products.

View Menu

Travelling with children

It is your responsibility to mind your children, they must be under the watchful eye of an adult at all times. This will ensure both safety for the child and consideration for other passengers. Children must be accompanied by an adult in the Outside Seating Area.

There is a Nappy Changer on board, please ask the Cabin Crew.

Colour crayons and colouring material are available from the Cabin Crew. They come free of charge and are for the child to keep.

Travelling with your car

Travelling by car with Virtu Ferries couldn’t be simpler.

You don’t even need to leave your vehicle to check in. Port Staff will complete check-in procedures with you behind the wheel.

On arrival at your destination you will be asked, on the vessel’s PA System, to proceed to the garage ahead of other disembarking passengers. Please use the exit on the Main Deck that is closest to your car. There are 3 exit points one in both the Starboard Lounge and the Port Lounge, another at the far end of the Aft Lounge.

Travelling with your pet

Passengers travelling with a pet should inform a member of staff at check-in and a member or of the Cabin Crew on boarding.

You are advised to view our Pet Policy.

Smoking on board

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the vessel, except in the designated area in the Outside Seating Area.

Your mobile

If you need to charge your mobile, ask the Cabin Crew. They will direct you to a designated charging point.

The convenience of travelling by sea with Virtu Ferries

  • One move – Everything in the car and away you go.
  • The family pet comes too - Depending on the weather, either in the car, in the airconditioned pet lounge in the garage (visits can be arranged) or out on deck in the designated area.
  • Adventure Holidays - Take your own equipment, golf clubs, fishing tackle, bikes, all safe and sound in the car.
  • Hand Luggage – Easy access, by your side at all times.
  • Luggage – No restrictions, take whatever you like with you. No arguments on which soft toy. Weight allowance is a thing of the past with Virtu Ferries.
  • Check-in - No hassle, car window comes down, hand in the papers and off you go, average time 1 minute. Start the holiday on the right note, none of that waiting around in never ending airport queues.
  • Laptops – use as you please.
  • Mobile phones – use as you please when in range.
  • Entertainment – On a proper screen.
  • Smokers – Designated area on deck.
  • Nice comfy seats - A little snooze! Spacious reclining seat with plenty of leg room.
  • The Loo - Go as you please. No awkward smiles needed.
  • Meeting friends? – Pick a group of seats round a table.
  • Baby comes first – Walk baby around, in the pushchair if you like. Proper spacious baby changing facilities on board.
  • If you don’t like having children around – Take a walk, change your seat, you don’t need to make it obvious.
  • Take a walk about on board - Stretch those legs, go from lounge to lounge, enjoy a little fresh air on the deck. Coffee or a snack at the bar instead of coopted up on an airline seat with no leg room at all.
  • Want a last-minute upgrade -easy, just inform a member of the cabin staff. Cost is minimal.
  • Passengers with reduced mobility – Welcome, there is plenty of space. Let us know and you can pick and choose a place that is most suitable for your needs. Elevator available from garage level to passenger lounges.
  • Check out our latest Travel Made Simple Policy flexible and no hidden charges.