Accompanied pets

Passengers must declare pets at booking stage and ensure that pets have a valid pet passport together with all the necessary vaccination certificates and all other documents. Upon boarding passengers must also notify vessel’s crew that they are carrying pets. Small pets carried in an appropriate leak-proof pet cage of a maximum 70cms x 51cms x 51.5cms, accompanied by the owner are accepted on coach transfers at a charge. Guide dogs are also accepted on coach transfer. We suggest you choose a sailing time which is best suited to your pet’s needs. The best time of day would be evenings or first thing in the morning when temperature is cooler.

The company offers four options of pet travel.

      • Pet Cabin: Pets can travel in an air-conditioned & insulated pet cabin situated at the vessel's vehicle garage level. Cages in the pet cabin are supplied by the company. Water/food to be supplied by the pet owner. Pets are accepted in the pet cabin at a charge. Please view company fares. Pre-booking is a must as space in the pet cabin is limited.
        Cage Dimensions:
        Cage 1: W-60cm, D-80cm, H-60cm
        Cages 2,3 & 4: W-73cm, D-102cm, H-76.5cm
        Cages 5,6 & 7: W-105cm, D-115cm, H-90cm
      • Pets in Vehicles: Pets must be kept inside the car with open windows. There is no charge for the first three pets in a vehicle. Please view company fares.
      • Pets on outside deck: Pets (cats and dogs only) carried in an appropriate leak-proof pet cage of maximum size 91cms x 64cms x 67.50cms (Additional cage dimensions - 118cms x 81cms x 88cms - collapsible only.) may be placed, at a charge, on the outside passenger deck in the area allocated for pets. Pets on the outside passenger deck must be accompanied by the owner throughout the voyage and at no time are pets allowed outside their cage. If at any one time your pet is transiting through passenger areas, pet must be on a leash and wearing a muzzle. In case of inclement weather pets will not be allowed on the outside passenger deck and must travel in the garage or placed in a cage within passenger deck level in a designated area at the discretion of the Master. Pet owners who choose to travel with their pet in a pet cage have the possibility to leave the cage on board and make use of same crate on return voyage.
      • Small pets in passenger areas: Small pets carried in an appropriate leak-proof pet cage of a maximum 70cms x 51cms x 51.5cms may be kept near the passenger seat in the passenger areas. Pets must be kept in their cage at all times.Pet owners are to ensure that their pets are obedient and do not in any way disturb other passengers. Dogs barking will be requested to relocate to an alternative designated area which may include the outside deck.

Pets in Pet Cabin: €25.00 each way. Pre-booking is a must.

Pets in Cars: Free of charge up to 3 pets. Over 3 pets €12.00 per pet each way apply.

Pets on outside passenger deck area (accompanied by foot passenger) €15.00 / each way per pet. 

Small pets in passenger areas: €15.00 per pet each way. 


Pets are not allowed in the passenger saloons or in any of the passenger common areas with the exception of point 4 above and guide dogs. The Company reserves the right to refuse boarding of pets on both the outside decks and garage deck on any given voyage. At the discretion of the Master, passengers may be allowed to visit their pets in the garage or pet cabin during the voyage and will be accompanied by a crew member. The owner is to ensure that the pet is fit for travel also keeping in mind the possibility of inclement weather. The Company is not responsible for the well being of the pet, transportation of pets is at owner’s risk and responsibility.

For further inquiries regarding pets travelling to or from Malta, kindly visit the Veterinary Regulation Directorate site and follow the procedure indicated. In case of doubt contact +356 2292 5216/5172 from MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm or in case of delays or emergency contact out of office hours (24/7) +356 9917 0532. You can also contact the Veterinary Regulation Directorate via Email at: [email protected] before the booking stage.

For further information regarding pet travel to Pozzallo, kindly contact ‘Ufficio Sanita Pubblica Veterinaria, Ragusa.’ Telefono: +39 0932 234958-960-613 Email: [email protected] .The Veterinary Authorities in Malta are to be contacted directly by passengers prior to arrival / departure Malta.

Kindly contact Virtu Ferries for further information.