Travel Info

Travel info

Before you travel

We advise you to consult our Conditions Of Carriage for details, including our Refund Policy. Bookings may be made by using our website on-line reservation system, via telephone or by email.

When calling or booking online, please have available the following information for all passengers & vehicles:

Passengers: Full name and surname, date of birth, I.D card or passport number, nationality, mobile contact number and email address.
Vehicle: Make, model & registration number.

You are strongly advised to book in advance in order to avoid disappointment as space on the high speed ferry is limited. Bookings are accepted subject to availability only. Prices are the same for tickets booked and paid for online, via telephone or through an authorized travel agent.

For advance reservations payment must be received by us within 48hrs from booking. Bookings made within 3 days prior to the day of departure, must be paid on the same day that the booking is made. Online bookings are to be paid immediately.

Unpaid reservations will be automatically cancelled without prior notice.


Foot Passengers

Passengers must arrive at the Terminal for check-in prior to embarkation 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. Check-in is open 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and closes half an hour prior to the scheduled departure.

Personal luggage

Passengers are allowed to carry with them a maximum of 3 pieces of personal baggage per person. Any one piece of baggage must not exceed H 50cms x W 40cms x L 80cms (170 linear cms). This must be deposited in the baggage trolley or the storage place reserved on the vessel as indicated by the vessel’s crew. An additional 1 piece of personal hand luggage, maximum H 37cms x W 45cms x L 25 cms and not more than 5 Kgs, may be hand-carried to your seat.

Travelling by private car

Pack your car, hop in and away we go. There are absolutely no restrictions on the amount of personal luggage you can carry in your car, sports gear and family pets included. The carriage of illegal or dangerous goods is not allowed.

Passengers and accompanying vehicle must be at the terminal 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Loading onto the vessel’s garage is the sole responsibility and at the absolute discretion of the Master and Ship’s Duty Officer. Loading is not on a first come first on basis, the order of loading is dictated by safety and logistical consideration.

Caravans are subject to non-commercial light vehicle tariffs.

Accompanied pets

Passengers must declare pets at booking stage and ensure that pets have a valid pet passport together with all the necessary vaccination certificates and all other documents. Upon boarding passengers must also notify vessel’s crew that they are carrying pets. Pets are not allowed on coach transfers (except guide dogs). We suggest you choose a sailing time which is best suited to your pet’s needs. The best time of day would be evenings or first thing in the morning when temperature is cooler.

The company offers four options of pet travel.

    • Pet Cabin: 

      Pets can travel in an air conditioned & insulated pet cabin situated at the vessel's vehicle garage level. Cages in the pet cabin are supplied by the company. Water / food to be supplied by pet owner. Pets are accepted in the pet cabin at a charge. Please view company fares. Pre-booking is a must as space in pet cabin is limited.
      Cage 1: W-60cm, D-80cm, H-60cm
      Cages 2,3 & 4: W-73cm, D-102cm, H-76.5cm
      Cages 5,6 & 7: W-105cm, D-115cm, H-90cm

    • Pets in Vehicles: 

      Pets must be kept inside the car with open windows. There is no charge for the first three pets in a vehicle. Please view company fares.

      • Pets on outside deck:

        Pets (cats and dogs only) carried in an appropriate leak proof pet cage of maximum size 91cms x 64cms x 67.50cms may be placed, at a charge, on the outside passenger deck in the area allocated for pets. Pets on the outside passenger deck must be accompanied by the owner throughout the voyage and at no time are pets allowed outside their cage. If at any one time your pet is transiting through passenger areas, pet must be on a leash and wearing a muzzle. In case of inclement weather pets will not be allowed on the outside passenger deck and must travel in the garage or placed in a cage within passenger deck level in a designated area at the discretion of the Master. Pet owners who choose to travel with their pet in a pet cage have the possibility to leave the cage on board and make use of same crate on return voyage.

        • Small pets in passenger areas:

          Small pets carried in an appropriate leak proof pet cage of maximum 70cms x 50cms x 51.5cms may be kept near the passenger seat in the passenger areas. Pets must be kept in their cage at all times.

Pets are not allowed in the passenger saloons or in any of the passenger common areas with the exception of point 4 above and guide dogs. The Company reserves the right to refuse boarding of pets on both the outside decks and garage deck on any given voyage. At the discretion of the Master, passengers may be allowed to visit their pets in the garage or pet cabin during the voyage and will be accompanied by a crew member. The owner is to ensure that the pet is fit for travel also keeping in mind the possibility of inclement weather. The Company is not responsible for the well being of the pet, transportation of pets is at owner’s risk and responsibility.

For further inquiries regarding pets travelling to or from Malta, kindly visit the Veterinary Regulation Directorate site and follow the procedure indicated. In case of doubt contact +356 2292 5216/5172 from MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm or in case of delays or emergency contact out of office hours (24/7) +356 9917 0532. You can also contact the Veterinary Regulation Directorate via Email at: [email protected] before the booking stage.

For further information regarding pet travel to Pozzallo, kindly contact ‘Ufficio Sanita Pubblica Veterinaria, Ragusa.’ Telefono: +39 0932 234958-960-613 Email: [email protected] .The Veterinary Authorities in Malta are to be contacted directly by passengers prior to arrival / departure Malta.

Kindly contact Virtu Ferries for further information.

Facilities for Persons with Special Needs

The high speed ferry is equipped with ramps and a lift in order to make it accessible to passengers with restricted mobility. The ship is also equipped with a toilet for persons with special needs. Euro Class and Club Class lounges are also accessible by lift. Passengers who require assistance during their journey, should contact a member of the crew. Passengers may also wish to notify the Company at the time of booking if they feel we can be of assistance. Disability Card holders are entitled to a 25% discount on the passenger fare excl. charges.

Commercial Vehicles

Your attention is drawn, in particular, to the carriage of dangerous goods as defined in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code; details in the Company’s Conditions Of Carriage.

Drivers of Commercial Vehicles have a designated lounge reserved for them. You are welcome to it if you wish to make use of it.

Me and my Bicycle

Your bicycle travels free subject to space being available. You must however notify the Company at the time you make your reservation that you have an accompanying bicycle.