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Mt. Etna & Syracuse - Winter

Mt. Etna & Syracuse - WinterOne Day Fully Guided Excursion


DEP MLA 06:30

DEP POZ 21:30

ARR POZ 08:15

ARR MLA 23:15

*Thursday 28th March Dep POZ at 2030hrs instead of 2130hrs.
Sunday (1 Oct till 7 Jan & 3rd till 28th April)

DEP MLA 06:30

DEP POZ 20:30

ARR POZ 08:15

ARR MLA 22:15


Local transport in Malta (Hotel/Harbour/Hotel) only €15.00 extra per person. (VAT included). List of pick up points + timings here.

Winter Excursion

October – April
This excursion is only held with a minimum of 10 passengers

Mt. Etna

The largest and most active volcano in Europe. The climb to the crater takes us through picturesque villages and an ever changing landscape. The lower slopes of the volcano are extremely fertile with groves of oranges, lemons and other Mediterranean flora and of course vines which produce Sicily’s best wines. We go through forests of chestnut trees which gradually give way to oak, beech, birch and pine.


Syracuse is one of the loveliest cities in Sicily. We tend to forget that it was once the most important city in Western Europe. The city owes its origin to the Greek settlers who, from 733 BC onwards, turned Sicily into Magna Graecia, when Greece ruled not only the Mediterranean but also the known world.

Ortigia - Ancient Syracuse, is in fact an island, now joined to the mainland by a short bridge. It is the heart and soul of Syracuse, where the Greeks, for reasons of defense, decided to found their new city. Ortygia was in recent years given a face lift and is attracting more and more visitors.

Piazza Duomo - At the centre of Ortygia is the Piazza Duomo, with the Duomo taking pride of place. The Duomo is unique, no other word for it. It was built by the Greeks as the Temple of Athena. When the Byzantines conquered Syracuse, instead of demolishing the temple, as so often happened, they converted it into a Christian church. The Normans modified the interior and built a more Christian façade. When the façade was destroyed in the 1693 earthquake the baroque façade which we see today was erected. The Duomo, one of the oldest sites of continued worship in the world is uniquely an example of Greek, Byzantine,

Mt. Etna & Syracuse - Winter

Highlights and Inclusions

  • Arrival at POZZALLO - a typical Sicilian fishing village.
  • Met by fully air-conditioned coaches, accompanied by guides.
  • On the way to Mt. Etna we stop to sample some typical Sicilian delicacies, including wines / almond sweets and honey; these Sicilian specialities are for sale (no obligation to buy).
  • Drive up to Sylvester Craters of MT. ETNA having time for lunch (not included in the price) and souvenir shopping.
  • Departure to Syracuse. Syracuse – has come to epitomize Greek culture in Sicily, Magna Grecia. The Duomo, in the old city Ortigia, is a converted Greek temple, one of the oldest places of worship worldwide and equally as unique.
  • Departure for Pozzallo with a running commentary by the guide.
  • Depart for Malta by High Speed Catamaran.
  • Adults €149.00 + €2.00 (ETS)
  • Children 4 years till under 14 years €95.00 + €2.00 (ETS)
  • Children under 4 years FREE of charge. To pay local transport only. (if applicable)
  • Local transport in Malta (Hotel/Harbour/Hotel) only €15.00 extra per person. (VAT included). List of pick up points + timings here.
  • The Company reserves the right to introduce a fuel surcharge from time to time without prior notice.
  • The itinerary of this excursion may be altered subject to weather conditions.
  • Virtu Ferries Conditions of Carriage apply.