Commercial Rates – (1ST – 17TH JULY & 1ST – 30TH SEPTEMBER 2021)

Commercial Vehicle Notes

  • Above fares include all charges.
  • The Company reserves the right to introduce a fuel surcharge from time to time without prior notice. 
  • Commerical vehicle fares (up to 5.9 metres) do not include driver’s ticket.
  • Total overall weight must not exceed 40 tonnes.  Drivers are to ensure that cargo loaded on the vehicle does not exceed the vehicle’s maximum weight capacity.
  • Weight distribution : maximum 11 tonnes on each single wheel axle and 14 tonnes on each double wheel axle.
  • Maximum overall height of vehicles and/or their open load, must not exceed 4.5 metres   
  • For commercial vehicles of 6 metres and over, TIR and passenger coaches, contact Virtu Ferries.