COVID-19 Press Release

We refer to the lockdown imposed by the Italian Government on all Regions of Italy, including Sicily, as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Virtu Ferries Limited, operators of the High Speed Passenger / Vehicle Ferry, M/V Saint John Paul II, announce that they have been authorized by the Maltese and Italian Authorities, to operate the vessel on the Malta-Pozzallo-Malta route as per schedule.

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This service can only be availed of by registered commercial vehicles and their drivers.

As a concession by the Authorities, Maltese nationals and holders of a Maltese Residency Permit, currently in Italy who wish to return to Malta and Italian nationals currently in Malta who wish to return to Italy, may do so on the round trip scheduled for this evening, Tuesday 10th March.

Virtu Ferries has, since the beginning of this outbreak, given priority to the health and safety of passengers and crew, and has abided by and will continue to abide by all directives issued by the relevant Authorities in the interest of the general public.