UPDATE: Sicily Covid Travel Restrictions – as from 10.01.2021 till 16.01.2021

As from Sunday 10th January, Sicily is considered as an Orange Zone, where movement in Sicily is only allowed to people travelling for medical or work reasons, or returning to their residence in Sicily or residence in Malta.

All passengers departing Malta to Sicily are kindly requested to register on www.siciliacoronavirus.it and fill in the details accordingly on this dedicated platform. 

Apart from the above registration, passengers must affect one of the following.

  • Have taken a negative Swab test 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • Take a rapid swab test for free in the allocated drive-in swab centre in Sicily. (if found negative, he/she must repeat this procedure on the 5th day of his/her stay).
  • Take a swab Test in a Private Establishment/ Laboratory in Sicily.
  • Self-quarantine for 10 days.

Please click here to view the latest Italian Government Covid -19 Ordinanza.